Members of the firm have extensive, hands-on experience in different areas of practice which provides them special insight and knowledge beyond what is usually available to other practitioners. Consider:

      A.    Dane A. Lupo has been involved in all aspects of thoroughbred horse racing including buying, selling and breeding of race horses, training horses, rehabilitating injured horses and racing at all of the major tracks throughout the USA for over thirty years. This specialized knowledge recently resulted in acclaimed success for partners, Paul S. Koczkur and Dane A. Lupo, in litigation over insurance issues in the federal courts in California in the Gary Birzer v. The Jockeys' Guild, et al case, which also involved participation in Congressional hearings and investigations into jockeys' insurance and accident issues.

      B.    Kenneth L. Lupo is a nationally certified Occupational Therapist who has worked to rehabilitate accident victims and persons who have suffered strokes and other serious physical and mental impairments. As many of the cases handled by Lupo & Koczkur involve serious disability injuries, Ken's experience is invaluable.

      C.    Paul S. Koczkur and paralegal Anthony McEachern each have active, hands-on, long term involvement in the health and fitness industry. Their knowledge of health clubs, exercise protocols, food supplements and performance enhancing products is exhaustive. Paul Koczkur was instrumental in having waiver and release clauses in health club membership contracts recognized and enforced with his landmark decision in Skotak v. Vic Tanny International, Inc., 203 Mich App 616(1994), lv. den., 930(1994).

      D.    Paul S. Koczkur has owned and used power boats for many years. He has handled marine litigation and has extensive experience representing the American Power Boat Association(APPA) in many aspects of its operation.